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Walking Under Gas Pipes

Leaders in Methane Emission Detection
and Line Locating

Who we are

Gas Recon is a company that strives to be a cost effective and unique leak detection company. We have operated in this area of expertise for over 17 years. With our sister company, Lidar Services International, we have been able to integrate powerful GPS technology into our advanced Leak Detection Technology. We are on the forefront of providing quality surveys with our experienced survey staff backed by our engineering core. 

About Us


Gas Recon is able to provide various and customized Methane Detection surveys to it's clients. Below are the ways our clients have utilized Gas Recon in their compliance and network integrity pursuits.

Gas Leak Detection

Thorough and in depth inspections of Natural Gas Networks in search of Gas Leaks and network integrity deviations .

Pipeline Network Mapping

Sub-meter GPS locates of Pipeline Networks, risers and features.

Surface Emission Mapping

Grid Style methane detection survey designed for Landfills to identify hotspots or problem areas.

Leak Detection and Repair

Utilizing industry leading OGI cameras, alongside Gas Recon's standard sensor package, we locate, quantify, tag and track emission sources through Leak Detection to Repair.

Depth of Cover

Using our depth measurement equipment we provide our clients data on how much ground is covering their High Pressure Networks.


Certified Safety Program

Gas Recon continues to maintain COR Certification through the implementation of our highly effective safety program. This program provides our clients with complete confidence and the satisfaction that operating safely, is part of our core value

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