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Leak Detection and Repair

Gas Recon has been serving downstream utilities for over a decade in leak detection. With the expansion of environmental regulations, Gas Recon is happy to expand its services to include the upstream oil and gas facilities. We are COR certified and follow a stringent safety program. Our technicians have been leak detection specialists for years. Our fugitive emission surveys are held to the same quality standard that has been attached to our high quality surveys in the downstream utility sector. 

An experienced team delivers regulatory compliance quality data with minimal disruption to the facility staff.

We transfer our survey data to our customers daily.  The data is categorized according to your compliance requirements.

Based on our customer’s specific data formatting needs; we have secure servers that can host the data, and we can manage the data through our proprietary data management system.


We provide swift, high quality fugitive emission surveys for upstream oil and gas facilities.



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1. Plan

After specifying the project scope, our crew will complete logistical and safety plans specific to the facilities to be surveyed.


4. Safety Meetings

Upon site arrival, the crew performs a facility specific safety meeting.

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2. Deploy

The crew will go through our in-depth safety process and any pre-job safety requirements of the customer.


5. Survey

 Using our equipment, crews quickly and effectively survey the facility. Crews record all required compliance data and report any leaks found.

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3. Prepare

The crews prepare and inspect our equipment for the job. We contact all necessary facility staff to communicate the logistical plan.

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6. Delivery


We can deliver reports at the day’s end, or whenever is most convenient for the client.

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