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Gas Recon provides high quality methane detection services combined with accurate, engineered and controlled GPS mapping.

Wooden Hut

 Surveys Offered 


Leak Detection

Our Gas Leak surveys comply with Alberta Energy Regulators criteria to provide proof of compliance with the regulations. We provide detailed Leak Reports by classification, readings, and GPS location. We survey above ground facilities with detailed accuracy. Step-by-step PPM readings for every second of active survey. Includes an Atmospheric Corrosion survey.

Leak Detection

Surface Emission Monitoring

Grid Style survey over capped landfills with each second of survey being recorded. Offers a valuable map of hotspots and weak points in a landfills methane collection system. UTV based survey allows for a quick and effective survey.

 Surface Emission Monitoring

GPS Locate

Using pin-point accuracy and our proprietary ReGIS system we provide a sub-meter GPS map of Pipeline networks. Includes pipeline features such as signage, encroachments, exposed pipe etc.

.This survey includes a Gas Leak Survey

GPS Locate

AMR Installation

We have the technical expertise and industry experts to be able to perform a AMR installation project.

AMR Installation
Exposed pipe river.jpg

Depth of Cover

High Pressure depth of cover surveys are available, using our Metrotech Receivers we are able to estimate how deep pipes are and map out stretches of pipes that are too shallow. We have logistics to provide us with water crossing capabilities.

Depth of Cover

Utilizing industry leading OGI cameras, alongside Gas Recon's standard sensor package, we locate, quantify, tag and track emission sources through Leak Detection to Repair.


 Why Gas Recon? 

Gas Recon is a company that strives to be a cost effective and unique leak detection company. We have operated in this area of expertise for over 15 years. With our parent company, Lidar Services International, we have been able to integrate powerful GPS technology into our advanced Leak Detection Technology. We are on the forefront of providing quality surveys with our experienced survey staff backed by our engineering core. 


Gas Recon continues to maintain COR Certification through the implementation of our highly effective safety program. This program provides our clients with complete confidence and the satisfaction that operating safely, is part of our core value.


 Our Experience 

Our full time survey crew are permanently employed to be able to provide a consistent high quality survey. Below are our statistics for our 2020 season.

Total KMs


475 KMs

Total Leaks




Using our proprietary software, we provide survey results in an interactive GPS map. ReGIS is the name of our software that is able to show every step our technicians took in the survey. In addition to this, you are able to see each recorded feature and it's picture with any notes our technicians took. All surveys completed will be uploaded to your own private server after the data is processed.

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